Congratulations, Fall Class of 2023!

On January 20th, Found in Translation held the program celebration for our most recent class of medical interpreters – the Fall Class of 2023! The Fall Class of 2023 began in September, and ran through the winter. While most of their classes were held on zoom, students had many opportunities to gather together in person over the course of the program for professional development sessions and community building activities. They even had the opportunity to meet each other in person before the class began at an event in August!

Some members of the Fall Class of 2023 at a joint in person event with the Spring Class of 2023 in August

Having completed the certificate training, the women of our Fall Class of 2023 are now ready to take the next step in their careers and begin working as professional interpreters. While this event was held on Zoom, an informal in-person gathering for the Fall Class of 2023, their alumnae peers, and newly accepted students for our Spring 2024 class is planned for next month.

Watch the full event recording here:

Who are our recent graduates, the 26 members of the Spring Class of 2023?

  • Collectively, our newest graduates represent 12 different countries of origin
  • This class trained interpreters in 12  different language groups: Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Vietnamese, Khmer, Urdu, Bengali and French
  • Graduates range in age from 19 to 60
  • All are passionate, independent, motivated and community-oriented!

We are so proud of each and every one of our newest alumnae! Thank you to everyone in our community who have supported (and will continue to support) these women as they progress in their professional journeys and provide critical language access at a time when it is needed more than ever. Special thanks to our partners Dress for Success – Boston, Ulta Beauty, Sitters for Scholars, Women’s Money Matters, Cynthia Roat, and all our volunteer mentors and guest speakers for your contributions of time, resources and expertise in support of this class. 

Transcript of our Graduate Address by Vicky Hodgkins, Class of Fall 2023:

Hi, everyone! I’m Vicky Hodgkins from Dalat, Vietnam, a highland known for its stunning landscapes and pleasant weather all year round. Almost six years ago, I embarked on a journey that brought me to the United States, where I’ve been dedicated to building a beautiful family.

Two months after moving to the U.S., I discovered I was pregnant. It was an exciting yet stressful time for me, particularly as a first-time mom in a new country. Looking back, I wished for accessible interpreting services to make me more comfortable and to better understand my care team. Such support would have undoubtedly eased my first-time mom experience and calmed my nerves. This personal journey fuels my commitment to being part of the Medical Interpreter program. As an immigrant, I understand the importance of effective communication in healthcare, especially during crucial moments.

Despite living in the States, I tried my best to maintain my culture and encourage both my daughter and husband to learn Vietnamese, closing the language gap. We moved to Dorchester so my daughter could attend a bilingual preschool where I saw the Found In Translation poster. I was thankful for it. This program aligns perfectly with my passion for ensuring that everyone, regardless of language barriers, receives the highest quality of care.

Vicky Hodgkins, Class of Fall 2023

My experience in the Medical Interpreter program has been delightful. From the beginning, the program maintains a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that every student is committed to the program’s mission. This commitment creates a shared goal among the students. The program has a team of professionals who not only possess deep knowledge but are also remarkably helpful and approachable. The team always goes above and beyond to provide full support, fostering an environment that truly feels like a family. The instructors and coaches are like big sisters, offering an abundance of assistance and guidance. Their dedication goes beyond the classroom, ensuring that every student feels empowered to succeed. 

The curriculum is both comprehensive and practical, covering a vast aspect of knowledge critical for becoming a successful medical interpreter, from learning medical terminology to exploring ethical considerations. And not just that, the instructors equipped us with the tools needed for job search and interview success.

Being part of this program has not only expanded my understanding of medical interpretation but has also built in me the confidence and skills needed to excel in this field. The program also reminds me of my love for learning new things and challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I also learned to spend time for myself. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, I put myself first and spend time investing in myself.

Moreover, the connection among classmates is remarkable. We don’t just learn together; we support each other, sharing insights and helping out whenever needed. Even after class hours, we stay in touch and continue to provide mutual support. It’s a community that fosters growth and empowerment.

To my incredible classmates, our journey in the Medical Interpreter program has been amazing. The support, connection, and dedication have turned this experience into more than just a classroom setting—it’s become a community, a family. As we step into the next chapter of our professional lives, let’s carry with us the bonds we’ve formed, the lessons we’ve learned, and the strength that comes from supporting one another. Together, we are a solid force, ready to make a positive impact in healthcare communication.

Here’s to the incredible individuals I am honored to call my peers—may our paths continue to blossom, and may we all achieve the success we deserve. Cheers to the journey ahead!

Congratulations, Fall Class of 2023!