Updates on the Class of 2020/2021

Dear Found in Translation community,

We hope you and your families are doing well amidst the challenges of this year.

Our team would like to extend our immense gratitude for your generous support of our endeavors to transition our medical interpreter training from an in-person to an online model, and to our program applicants for flexibility and patience amid the changes and transitions. We are excited to offer our world-class program in this new format, and to fulfill our community’s need for medical interpreters during the ongoing health crisis.

Earlier this month—after an extended process due to COVID-19—we made final selections for our newest students. Found in Translation is excited to welcome another group of bright, eager, and passionate women into our community!

Unfortunately, due to recent staffing changes and a longer implementation window for our new online learning management system, we have decided to delay the start of our next training to January 2021. This means that our next class—and our newest students—will officially be called the “Class of 2021”, and not the “Class of 2020.” The training will run through the spring of next year.

While we wish we didn’t need to delay, this will give us more time to ensure the best possible learning experience for students in this new remote setting. Over the next few months our program staff will be hard at work transitioning our curriculum to our new online learning management system, designing modules, recording lectures, and further bringing our award-winning training into the digital realm. Meanwhile, we will be using this time to recruit and train new staff and faculty in our curriculum, supporting adult learners in an online format, and how to use our online learning management system.

In addition to holding class online, we are making other adaptations to our model to accommodate student needs and create an optimal environment for learning. Instead of the traditional whole classroom format, we will incorporate a cohort system—splitting our class into 2 or 3 smaller groups. This will allow us to offer more flexibility and options for asynchronous learning time, as well as provide for more engagement between students and with instructors. In addition, there will be self-paced components that candidates can complete at the hours that work for them and their family’s needs.

Not all programming has been delayed, however! We are excited to share that our partnership with Tech Goes Home began last week. Over the next few months, a small cohort of students from our Class of 2021 will benefit from intensive support in building their technological literacy and skills in advance of our online training. All members of our Class of 2021 will also receive continued engagement and supportive services in the lead up to the program start in January.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate a challenging era. We will do our best to keep you updated with further developments.

The Found in Translation Team


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