Leadership Transition at Found in Translation

Dear friends, 

In 2011, possessed by an idea too good to not at least try, I launched Found in Translation, and spent the next decade pouring my heart, soul, and occasionally tears (of joy!) (usually!) into it. Ten years ago this month, our very first class celebrated their graduation. This week, the spring cycle of Class of 2022 started their training, taking their first steps on a new professional journey. When they graduate this summer, we will have trained over 300 interpreters. 

Class of 2012 Graduation

Our graduates work at almost every Greater Boston hospital, and at every major interpreting agency. They interpret for tens of thousands of patients every year. They are diversifying into court, school and other specialized interpreting, and into translation. They are attaining advanced credentials such as national certification and licensing as instructors. They are training interpreters, both on the Found in Translation faculty and elsewhere, nurturing the future interpreter workforce. They are members of professional associations, advocating for language justice and advancing the interpreting field. They are achieving more than I knew was possible, and the ways they support and champion each other leaves me in awe every day. This passionate, caring, and endlessly generous group of women has taught me the meaning of the word community.

This summer, I will be stepping down as Executive Director. Leading this organization has been the greatest honor of my life. My team is the most brilliant, dedicated, funny, creative, and kind humans I have ever met. Working alongside them has been a joy, and I am so proud of what we have built together. Found in Translation has blossomed beyond my wildest dreams—and it is ready for its next chapter.

Alumnae event in 2017

We launch our ED search the way we do everything: as a community. The search will be led by a committee of board members, staff members, and program alumnae. And we are asking all of you, our supporters, to help us find our next leader. Please share this job post on your LinkedIn and other social media, email it to friends, family and colleagues, and let us know if you have any tips about where this job opportunity should be posted. 

We will keep you all posted on how the search is going, what’s next for me, ways you can support the transition, and all sorts of exciting things going on at Found in Translation. Stay tuned! And of course, before I leave my role, there will be opportunities for us to celebrate together.

Thank you for your friendship and support,


Staff in September 2021