Happy Birthday, Found in Translation!

Celebrating on Zoom!

Today is Found in Translation’s 9th Birthday! Staff and members of our board gathered this afternoon on Zoom to celebrate and share reflections and favorite memories of our time with the organization. Here are some things they shared:

Ester remembers our 2017 graduation event, when she looked around the room and saw all the families who had come to support the newest graduates. She realized in that moment that “we don’t just impact these women – look at how many lives are changing as a result…an intergenerational and community impact!”

Ayolah shared how she enjoyed our potluck event on the last day of language coaching for the Class of 2019, and how wonderful it was to see everyone relaxed, sharing good food and fellowship with each other and their children. 

Speaking of language coaching, Bindiya shared memories of her first years as a language coach in 2013/2014, using the community room of the Central Square Eastern Bank branch as a classroom and having people walk by and peak in, curious as to what was going on in there. 

David and Kelly both shared fond memories of helping out in childcare during the program, where outdated business cards were used as improvised currency and the children created a very serious petition to change the rules so they could use the bathrooms without needing to go with their moms.

Karen remembers the day during the Class of 2019 orientation when the alumnae instructors were introducing themselves to the class. She says it was so wonderful to look out at the faces of the new students, and watch them meet other women who have been in their places and learn what they have become and achieved in their careers. 

Abby told a story of applying to the WeWork Nonprofit Creator Award on behalf of Found in Translation. When Maria was in Nashville at the event where the winner would be announced, Abby watched the livestream intently on her way home from work. Upon seeing Found in Translation win the top prize, she remembers celebrating loudly and enthusiastically in front of strangers on the platform at the Mass Ave train station. 

Lastly, Maria reflected on all the times that Found in Translation has not had an office. From the first couple years when we operated out of tables in Panera, to the fall of 2017 when we were between our Cambridge and Dorchester office leases. Now, as we all work from home, she realizes that “what we have is each other. The amazing people who do the work, and the amazing people who we serve.”

Thank you so much for being a part of our community – happy birthday, Found in Translation!