Found in Translation’s special 10th Anniversary Report is now available!

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Read the intro from Maria Vertkin here:

When Found in Translation first began back in 2011, no one could have predicted that we would mark our 10th Anniversary in the midst of overlapping economic and health crises triggered by a global pandemic. However, despite these unprecedented circumstances and through the steadfast support of our full community, in 2021 we adapted our programming and celebrated our accomplishments – virtually.

As I said at our virtual “10 Years in Translation” event last September, I am honored to share this special moment in our organization’s journey with you. We would not be here without the help of our friends, donors, partners, volunteers, and supporters. Your generous support over the past ten years has empowered the smart, talented, courageous women of Found in Translation to be the drivers of their own professional growth and security. Our alumnae are now uniquely equipped to use their own success to build equitable access to healthcare for so many others.

Ten years ago, our first batch of students took a leap of faith when they began our program. Now, new students of Found in Translation don’t need to take a leap of faith. They can see their future through the living examples of their peer mentors and instructors, who now work at all major local (and regional) hospitals and agencies. They benefit from a community full of proof that success is possible. Each class of new interpreters is like a branch on the living tree of our community. Found in Translation’s role is to tend the tree – give it sunshine and water – the tools it needs to thrive.

I believe that our alumnae are changing the culture of medical interpreting – making it more compassionate and more equitable. I hope that in this special report, you are able to clearly see their accomplishments, their determination, and the potential that is unlocked when they are supported
within community. We are so proud of everything they have built, and look forward to continuing to support their journeys in the years ahead.

With gratitude,
Maria Vertkin, Founder and Executive Director