Family volunteers support the Class of 2021

Preparing for our Class of 2021 – which starts this week – has been anything but ordinary. Usually at this time our office is full of books and printouts, and all staff lend a hand to organize the materials for delivery to class on the first day. 

Bindiya in her home office – ready to welcome the Class of 2021!

As we continue to operate remotely during the pandemic, Program Director Bindiya Jha has had to carry out her work differently for the Class of 2021. This week, final preparations were supported by her family, who converted the dining room into an assembly line for class materials.

Dining room materials assembly line

Grateful for the support of her family, Bindiya writes:

“A lot of women had to make very difficult decisions this year due to COVID, often choosing between taking on increased caregiving/childcare responsibilities and keeping their jobs. I am thankful to my multi-generational immigrant family. Because of them, I was spared this crossroad. Not only have they been supporting me in running the household and looking after my 4 year old daughter, here they are helping me making binders, packing books and creating props for the online classes. I admire their willingness to help and secretly fueling me to be resilient at adverse times like these. 

Here I come, Class of 2021 – ready to teach, share and have fun together!”

A huge thank you to Bindiya and her fantastic family for all they have done to set up our Class of 2021 for success!