Deadline EXTENDED to May 16th and other 2020 application updates

In light of our recent decision to move part or all of our Class of 2020 medical interpreter training to online learning, please see the following updates regarding how this will affect our 2020 application process.

1. Our application deadline will be extended through May 16th to accommodate any individuals who may be more interested in our program given our recent decision to incorporate online learning.

2. Though we are adapting our training to be conducted online for this year, our eligibility requirements have not changed. To participate, applicants must still live within the Greater Boston Area. The reasoning for this is as follows:

  • Our model relies heavily on community-building and engagement between students, faculty, and volunteers. Our goal in 2020 is to still retain some of these valuable in-person components as long as it is safe to do so. If someone does not live within the Greater Boston area, they will not be able to participate in these components. (Exceptions can be made for individuals with mobility challenges, but who still reside in this region.)
  • After earning their certificates, we will support the Class of 2020 in finding work as interpreters in the Greater Boston area – a region where we have a deep professional presence and network, as well as a wealth of industry insight. We do not at this time have the capacity or resources to assist women who seek to work in other markets.

If you have already applied this year:

  • Thank you for your application!
  • We understand that this is a very challenging time and that many things are changing quickly. If your situation has changed in any way (housing, income, job etc) since you submitted your application, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. We will update your information accordingly. 
  • Please know that while our program may look different this year, our commitment to our mission remains the same. We are actively determining all the ways we will support our Class of 2020 students through this experience, and how we can make participation as equitable and successful as possible. 
  • As we work on implementing these adaptations, our application timeline will likely be shifted, causing longer delays in our ability to make decisions. We will soon begin inviting applicants to our second round on a rolling basis, and will continue to do so for the next month. We hope to communicate our decisions about whether or not applicants are invited to the next round no later than mid-June. These decisions, and all communications, will be sent out via email.

We will continue to post and communicate updates as they become available. Thank you in advance for your patience.

The Found in Translation Team