Tilting the Scales of Economic Opportunity

Found in Translation’s approach represents a paradigm-shift in thinking about workforce development:

We see that some of the most highly-demanded skills exist in a population that is often overlooked because of prejudice and systemic barriers.

Without the money for tuition and childcare, or adequate social networks, many multilingual women are unable to access this lucrative field, trapping them in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty and homelessness and depriving the community of the unique skills they could bring into the workforce.

Our Language Access Fellowship program is therefore designed to tilt the scales of economic opportunity across race, ethnicity, and gender.

  • We remove socioeconomic barriers to help women to rise from poverty into a profession where they can earn $25+/hr entry level.
  • We not only empower women to capitalize on their language skills to achieve economic security, but our strengths-based model helps them to turn their most stigmatized characteristic—their linguistic and cultural background—into their greatest asset in the labor market.