Back from the brink

July 10, 2024

Dear friends, I know we’ve been unusually quiet lately. The past several weeks have been incredibly challenging and busy. We’ve kept our noses to the grindstone, working hard to stabilize financially. But it’s time to come up for air—and to give you some updates! First things first: we’re making good progress toward finding our financial…

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Forging ahead: a message from Maria Vertkin

April 2, 2024

Dear friends, It’s been two weeks since we announced a major funding shortfall and its aftermath. The mood at Found in Translation is a flurry of many commingling feelings. There is sorrow around pausing programming for the incoming class, a group of incredible women we couldn’t wait to welcome, and who rearranged their lives and…

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A difficult update from Found in Translation

March 18, 2024

Dear friends and supporters, We are writing to share difficult news. Found in Translation is experiencing a significant funding shortfall. We knew that funding can be unpredictable following a leadership transition. And we knew that securing funding for the ongoing operation of a program model that works, no matter how impactful, is a lot harder…

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Congratulations, Fall Class of 2023!

January 23, 2024

On January 20th, Found in Translation held the program celebration for our most recent class of medical interpreters – the Fall Class of 2023! The Fall Class of 2023 began in September, and ran through the winter. While most of their classes were held on zoom, students had many opportunities to gather together in person…

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2023 – Celebrating Milestones & Building Momentum

December 18, 2023

Dear friends, As I reflect on the last few months as the new Executive Director of Found in Translation, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride to be a part of this incredible organization that tirelessly serves our mission of supporting low-income women on their journey towards economic independence through the use of their…

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We turn obstacles into assets. Designed specifically for low-income and homeless bilingual women, our program trains women with invaluable language skills to become professional medical interpreters.


"Found in Translation is doing great to help us, women,
to the next level of professional work. "

Kim, Vietnamese Interpreter

"After this course, I got my first job in the US.
I used to be a full-time mother before enrolling in Found In Translation."

 Helen, Cantonese Interpreter

"It was the encouragement - it was that I was told: Yes, this country needs what you have.
You have a value and  this is what makes all the difference in the world."

Serafima, Russian Interpreter

After completing the program my life changed drastically. My salary almost doubled [and] I got better job opportunities.” 

Anonymous, Found in Translation Graduate

“Found in Translation gave my professional self meaning and purpose; a career where I'm continually encouraged to learn and where I can use my skills to empower members of my community.”

Wilda, Spanish Interpreter

“Found in Translation gave me a foundation to start off a career that I never thought I could afford.
My skills have enabled me to bring smiles to limited English speakers by making communication easier."

Delfine, Swahili Interpreter

Gabi and Maria Graduation 2018


Our Interpreter Services connect Found in Translation alumnae with community partners in need of language services.

Our Impact


interpreters trained


languages represented


average wage after 1 year


additional income per year


The issues that Found in Translation addresses are not just problems facing the people of Boston. They are national, even worldwide, challenges. Our model is a solution with the potential for a global reach.




I believe that language is what makes us human. We just tend to not realize how important it is until it's gone.

- Maria Vertkin, Founder and Former Executive Director